Jul 26-28, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Virginia


Women made Black Panther amazing.
Women led civil rights movements.
Women created invaluable tools.
Women give us life.
Women are incredible.
Women have benevolently touched every corner of the world; Blerdcon is no exception. Meet the wonderful women who made YOUR family reunion convention epic.

Desi Roy

Merchandise Coordinator

Office professional by day; artist and video game lover by night, Desi discovered her love of conventions in 2016 and has been going ever since.

She became an invaluable member of our team after a great run as a volunteer at our inaugural event!

As our Merchandise Coordinator, Desi makes sure that we’ve got plenty of cool Blerdcon swag to provide you with at the convention.

Desi also a member of the programming and signage teams!

Carmen Shamwell

Director of Operations, Volunteer Coordinator, & Social Media Manager

Carmen is a life-long nerd and has been attending Cons since 2013. She has moderated panels, announced for cosplay contests, and currently co-runs the Twitter Instagram accounts for the Trekoff Podcast & Blerdcon.

Carmen is also a full-time staffer for BLERDCON, handling Operations as well as their Volunteers. Carmen is an avid reader of fantasy & sci-fo novels, a consumer of DC Comics & Marvel media in all formats, and a die-hard fan of both Star Trek & Star Wars, but don’t ask her to choose which one she likes better, unless you wish to suffer a quick and painful death.