Jul 26-28, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Virginia

The BlerDCon AMV Contest is finally kicking off and accepting entries!

Entries will be accepted from 4/8 until 6/3! Link to form

The rules consist of:

– AMVs must be no shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 5 and use resolution from 720p to 1080p

– No 4k videos will be accepted

– All videos should be original work, not the work of another editor.

– No video may enter that has placed in a contest within the past 6 months

– Do not include opening or closing credits or watermarks

– No subtitles are permitted unless they are ORIGINAL WORK used deliberately for effect

– Only one entry permitted per Category per creator/studio for this contest

– With the exception of the live Cosplay Category videos must contain 60% animation

– Videos should be appropriate for a general audience; videos with excessive violence/gore, suggestive themes/lewedness, or profanity may be rejected. The general rule is to keep to PG-13 and final ruling is up to judge’s discretion. 


Tends to be more fast paced and centers on action, activity and coolness factor


Focuses more on storytelling and strong emotional elements


Focuses more on storytelling and strong emotional elements


Uses faster transitions and music with higher bpm like dance, trap, Afro beats, etc.


Showcases romantic relationships and shipping, whether canon or fanon


Parody, trailer edits, clip compilations, or anything else that does not necessarily fit the above.

Live Action

Cosplay or other live action footage for editors to show off their skills