Jul 26-28, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Virginia
We are thrilled to announce our third cosplay guest, Vice-President of HBCUcon, Wendell Smith AKA Scorpking Costuming A cosplayer, Marine, con runner and longtime member of the blerd community!
“Known as Scorpking Costuming. I’ve been making many of my own costumes over the past 14 years. Costuming is a fun outlet for me. Cosplay is something that has become a part of my life…”
“In the world of Cosplay, I have done numerous characters, but have an affinity for my portrayals of Thanos, Apocalypse, Black Panther, Kitt Pryde, Saw Guerrara, and various other Star Wars characters.”
Scorpking Costuming has appeared on the cover of the Cosplay Variant comic books, Black Panther #7, the May 2021 edition of Men’s Health, Star Wars Insider, and Creative Cosplays Magazine.
He’s judged multiple costume contests at various cons over the past 14 years. He’s won best male villain for his original character, Sith, at the Baltimore ComicCon. Lastly, Scorpking Costuming is a geek… He has many fandoms that he follows, (Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, LOTR, Resident Evil, Kung Fu flix (Shaw Brothers, yeah boy), Broadway, Disney, Fantasy, and quite a few others)
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