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Summer’s career began in 1983 when she was cast as the voice of niece Penny on Inspector Gadget Her unique, throaty voice was instantly recognizable to casting agents (as well as viewers even today), who began frequently casting her in animated programs. Many of these were part of cult franchises, like The Care Bears Movie (1985) and Ewoks (1985).
Audiences finally had a chance to put Summer’s voice to a face when she was cast as Winifred “Freddie” Brooks in A Different World. During its run, Summer continued working in voice acting. Barring guest appearances on other live-action television shows such as Living Single and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Summer’s professional work since has been limited to voice acting, such as Ghostbusters Chilly Cooper, neighborhood ice-cream woman and innocent love interest of Slimer.
In all, Summer has voiced hundreds of animated characters from video games, cartoon television series, animated films and commercials. Among her most famous roles was in Inspector Gadget as Penny, Tiny Toon Adventures (1990) as Elmyra Duff, and Mary Melody, Aka Pella in Histeria!, Susie Carmichael in Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up!, Cleo the Poodle in Clifford the Big Red Dog, Foxxy Love in Drawn Together, Dulcy the dragon in Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess ‘Kida’ Kidagakash for Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Valerie Gray in Danny Phantom (2004), Numbuh 5 (Abigail Lincoln) and Cree Lincoln in Codename: Kids Next Door, Penelope in Barbie As Rapunzel and Miranda from As Told by Ginger, Tiff on My Life as a Teenage Robot, octogenerian villain Granny May on WordGirl and Blackarachnia in Transformers Animated (2008). Summer is also the voice of the Green spokescandy for M&M’s.
She voiced-over in the games Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and BLACK.
She voiced Tandi in Fallout and was also the voice of Tatjana in Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits; Lady Belgemine, Young Tidus and additional voice-overs in Final Fantasy X; Lenne/Calli in Final Fantasy X-2; Storm in Marvel Super Hero Squad; Cynder in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and Magma in X-Men Legends, and the voice of Catalina Thorn, the leader of the Cell in Crackdown 2. She also had a small role in Mass Effect. She also voices Medusa in the game Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. She also voiced the Inca priness Micay in Pitfall: The Lost Expedition. She also did miscellaneous voices in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
More recently roles Summer has voiced: Guardians of the Galaxy – Nebula, Dinotrux – Ace, Dawn of the Croods – UGGA, Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void – Selendis, All Starcraft video games – Selendis, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West – Pricilla, Miles From Tomorrowland – Maya Kitumba, Moonbeam City – Quasar Daniels, Skylanders & Skylanders Superchargers – Roller Brawl, Lego DC Superhero’s Justice League Attack of the Legion of Doom – Cheetah, Word Girl – Granny May, Breadwinners – Mrs. Ferfle, Destiny – guardian Exo Female, Wildstar – Kit Brinny and Chua, The Tom & Jerry Show – Beatie, Xiaolin Chronicles – Wuya, Diablo 3 – Auriel, Broken Age – Teledoor, Lichdom : Battlemage – Witch/Alchemist, Robot Monster – Spitfire, Henry Hugglemonster – Denzel and Grammo, Beware the Batman – Bethanie Ravencroft, Thunder and Lightning – Anyssa Pierce, World of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria – Scout Captain Elsia, Thundercats – Panthera, Diablo 3 – Auriel, Diablo 3 : Wrath – Auriel, Kid Icarus : Uprising – Medusa, Starcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty – Executor Selendis.
Look for Cree Summer as she stars in Marvel’s “Iron Heart” series premiering in August!
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