Jul 26-28, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Virginia

Barr Foxx is an award-winning cosplay artist and television/film producer. His national brand, Cosplay Your Way, promotes cosplay through imagery, video and live events while encouraging individuals to embrace the art of cosplay by choosing desired characters, regardless of race, age, size, sexual orientation, or gender.

Barr Foxx is a staple in the cosplay community and has been featured in a variety of videos, on podcasts and cosplay themed books such as Cosplay in America Volume 2”. He was spotlighted on DC FanDome, Marvel’s official website, BET and in various articles spotlighting exceptional cosplayers in cosplay.

You can learn more about Barr Foxx’s contributions to the art of cosplay in the acclaimed documentary, “Cosplay Your Way: In Color”, currently airing on Freeli TV and Influencer TV+

“Cosplay should be a fun, expressive and creative outlet for all who want to participate. Use YOUR voice, express YOUR style and do it YOUR way.”