Tiny Kittenn is a mixed race (Black, Native American and White) cosplayer, toy/figure collector, and gamer originally from Brooklyn, New York and currently resides in Virginia. Her nerd interests started when she was a tiny child after she picked up the NES controller to play Castlevania and cooled down by watching Aeon Flux.

Her first convention was in 2009, her first cosplay was Bubbles from The PowerPuff Girls in 2010, and since then has cosplayed a plethora of characters from different series, Power Rangers/Super Sentai being her most recognized ones. When she's not cosplaying, she works full time as a Hair Stylist/Fantasy Hair Color Stylist and dedicates the rest of her time to watching Vintage/Retro Anime and playing Classic/Retro Gaming/JRPGs and even has a Twitch channel dedicated to it.

"Before I started attending conventions and cosplaying altogether, I was a pretty quiet and awkward individual that didn't really fit in with anyone with the same interests as me. I couldn't just walk up to someone and ask them 'Hey, did you catch that new episode of (insert Anime title here)?' or being able to talk about my favorite Classic JRPGs (Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound) without feeling like a full on weird nerd. But weird is cool and being a nerd is awesome. I embrace it fully."


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