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Father Evil was born Luis Evilleira in Galicia, Spain in the year 1372. Forty years later, Father Luis Evilleira has become a loyal servant of the church and the head Witchcraft investigator. One of his investigations leads him to a satanic convent that was attacked by one of the local villages. Father Evilleira investigates the convent and begins to "re-purify" holy items of the church that may have been tainted. He finds an ancient text he is surprisingly able to read. Suddenly, a blinding white flash envelopes the room…and no one sees or hears of Father Evilleira again. But the world would soon know of Father Evil.

Father Evil comes from the creative mind of Lou Avilleira. A Cuban American born and raised in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Lou created his original horror personal in 2009 with just a $20 costume. Since then he has grown to become a horror legend among the convention scene across the United States, being featured in publications like the Halloween edition of Cosplay Culture Magazine and a fixture at events like Monster Mania and the New Jersey Horror Con. Lou gives panels on branding creative intellectual properties and is an ordained minister.


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