Derek Williams always had a desire to do stand-up, and in 2009 he finally stepped on stage. It only took one performance to fully get that comedic bug. Since then, he has become a three time winner of the Funnybone Clash of the Comics, co-founder of a highly successful show 'Geek's Night of Comedy', and has been described as energetic, with a particular fun blend of honest, awkward, geeky/nerdy comedy.

Derek has an exclusive perception about how to live life, and also things that provoke him into a fume. Being a father of twins, the doctor gave him a diploma and told him he is now an expert in the field of adolescent behavior.

Being highly influenced by cartoons, it has delivered aspiration of becoming an actor by making funny voices of characters for animation and the likes. Those voices worked their way out of his head and into a bit of stand-up including characters from Winnie the Pooh, Family Guy, Animaniacs, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Sesame Street, just to name a few(Look for the bonus clip on YouTube). He has also worked with many top comedians, such as Godfrey, John Reep, Brad Williams, Josh Blue, Steve O, Guy Torry and more.

The Blerdcon Comedy Show will be on Friday night, June 30th!


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