"We are a group of double minority gamers who are looking to encourage other double minority gamers to continue to play online. We're breaking the stigmas associated with black female gamers. Within our group, Black Girl Gamers, we have several developers, educators, streamers, entrepreneurs, designers and much more! BGG is a place where women of all ages can vent and build camaraderie while playing at our favorite games!"

BGG hosts panels and workshops at conventions all across the country on a mission of STEM outreach,as well as inclusion in gaming and game development.

"The need to bring awareness on how to create a safe space for Black Girl Gamers is real. Some of us are afraid to use our real avatars for the ridicule we faced while playing our favorite games. This group creates safe spaces and encourages each gamer in the community."

"We are fighting for representation and change not only through media but also in the tech industry. It's important to show that the tech industry has been impacted of people of color and neglecting to reflect this will result in a lack of progress for everyone. We have ideas to change the world. Join in a discussion of how to get achieve more visibility for Black women in tech!"


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