Hello! I'm Celeste Stewart aka SobaNoodlez Cosplay! I'm from St. Louis, MO and I work at the comic shop Star Clipper. In my free time I cosplay!

I was first interested in cosplaying in 2008 - right before I graduated high school. It was right after I went to Anime St. Louis for the first time and saw so many cool costumes. Unfortunately, I was only able to cosplay as L from Death Note before I went to college. At the time I didn't have any friends interested in the con scene or in cosplaying so I was completely unaware of the bigger cosplay community until I graduated in 2014. Around then, my friend Kirstine mentioned wanting to attend Anime St. Louis again. I'd recently watched Panty and Stocking so I wanted to cosplay as Kneesocks. As soon as I purchased the wig and crafted a scythe, I was all in. I knew I wanted to keep doing this on a regular basis. I pretty much never stopped making costumes from that point on.

I didn't really understand how deep the cosplay community got until I joined POC Cosplayers and had my first photo shoot at Anime St. Louis in 2016. It never once occured to me that cosplay existed outside of the con floor. That's when I dived headfirst into researching the community. I joined tons of cosplay groups on Facebook (and as a result made a ton of new friends) and becoming active in the con scene. So between Feb 2016 and Dec 2016, I attended 5 conventions and made I think 8 costumes. I had fully embraced the cosplay scene and never once looked back.

I'm super friendly and love meeting internet friends IRL. I like to push myself to try new things and I hope everyone enjoys watching/helping me progress!

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