We're Pretty Brown and Nerdy, a youtube channel ran by three nerdy girls Jazmine, Cheyenne and Camille! Through our channel we excitedly discuss all things nerd culture through our unique perspective; whether it be who are favorite badass anime ladies are, or what new superhero movie trailer has us hype, or Let’s Play gaming videos, or skits where we incorporate our nerdy lives into funny situations for our viewers. The channels inception in 2014, was born out of us finding a hole in the community that we knew we could fill with our passion and knowledge combined for different things that fall under the nerd umbrella. Be the change you want to see in the world (or on the internet specifically, right?) is the motto we go by.

The three of us have been self-described nerd girls all of our lives: Cheyenne with a passion for the DC Universe and all things Dragonball; Jazmine a die hard Sony fangirl who kicks ass at video games and loves cosplay as well; and Camille who can just about quote you any line from The Original Star Trek series and keeps a light saber replica by her bed for safe keeping (you can be a fan of both? What?? *Audible gasps*). When you combine the three of us you get an explosion of fandom and excitement.

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Website: prettybrownandnerdy.com

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