Les Levi is a black queer cosplayer based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Beginning with Wizard World in Philly last year crossplaying as Rita Repulsa from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers but since then, they’ve cosplayed characters; like HIM [PowerPuff Girls], Misty [Pokemon] and most recently Storm [X-Men/Marvel].

“I just started cosplaying in June of 2016, combing my nerdiness with my love for drag artistry, it’s like Halloween all year round.”

Before joining the legion of cosplayers Levi headed a student program that went across the college campus educating peers, faculty, and staff on a variety of diversity and social justice issues. They also hosted a Safe Zone workshop for faculty and students to educate the community about issues facing LGBTQ individuals.

"I’m so excited to be a face for LGBTQ cosplayers here at such an inclusive con like blerDCon, can’t wait to see everyone in D.C.!"

Check out his cosplay page here.

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