Charlie Rocket is a model, photographer and cosplay personality. Born and raised in Maryland, she was brought up on sci fi, comic books and cartoons. Charlie got her start with photography in high school, which later lead her to modeling through her university's modeling troupe. With the help of fellow members of Evalesco models, she learned about fashion, design and creating the impossible.
Charlie now lives in NC where she was introduced to the convention and cosplay scene. After her well-known Catwoman costume, Charlie has become a swiftly rising cosplayer who has made sure to make the community her number one source of inspiration. She tries to encourage her fellow cosplay moms, minority cosplayers and anyone else getting started in the cosplay world. Utilizing her talent and skills from her experience, she has created over 50 cosplays and is known for creating costumes overnight! She is an introvert turned extrovert who wants nothing more than to help the cosplay community grow and have fun.

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