Blerdcon is happy to announce amazing panelists and podcasters, The Black Tribbles, will be LIVE on the scene with their signature style and blerdiness! There has been a significant Black presence throughout the entirety of Star Trek's history - it spans rank, political affiliation, and species, establishing a legitimate presentation of a cosmic African diaspora. As we've watched these characters through the years, we've experienced their individual trials and 'Tribbulations' alongside them. In solidarity, many of us compare the struggle of these beloved characters to the multitude of today's social issues. What would Uhura think of the mysterious death of Sandra Bland? As fathers, how would Worf or Sisko react to what happened to Trayvon Martin? Could Geordi tolerate the effects of the water crisis in Flint? Do the social justice obstacles of today's Black people run the risk of following them into the future? And if so, what steps can we take to prevent history from repeating itself? A good way to head off the evils of ignorance and intolerance is to have open discussions where problems can be voiced and solutions can be developed. The Black Tribbles can think of no better place to hold such a discussion than at BlerdCon. Over the course of its five-year history, this hilarious award-winning radio show/podcast has tackled a myriad of topics within the nerd genre, all from the lens of the Black American perspective. Through featuring independent writers, artists, and musicians, the show strives to establish an inclusive geeky voice to all who crave it.

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