Blerdcon is happy to welcome this cosplayer, panelist, entertainer and stylist to our fold! Aside from being steeped in the black cosplay community for years, he has contributed to the inception, creation and support of many of your favorite cons, including Blerdcon! Look for him on the stage, the panels and throughout the event!

"One of the least understood aspects of cosplay is that it requires style. And whatever that style is, it needs to be intrinsic. It’s that special something that one personally brings to their cosplay — not the exact replica of the costume, but that which makes the costume meaningful to them."

When you look through JaBarr’s portfolio on his Facebook page, you see that yes, his cosplay is immaculate, but he also keeps personal aspects of himself in his representation of the character. Although creating an exact replica is impressive, our humanity is what gives these characters life. JaBarr modifies his costumes to ensure that he melds with his character, rather than erasing himself to be someone else. In fact, this is one of the things he discusses as a cosplay panelist at conventions.

His approach to cosplay is no doubt influenced by his behind-the-scenes work in television and film. He’s worked in casting, writing, editing, and most recently, production with The Edit Factor. As such, he knows how to work with lighting and angles to get the best shot. He often steps out of his role as cosplayer to direct portions of the photo shoots to maximize the impact of both the photographer’s and cosplayer’s work. As a result, his cosplay has been featured in Cosplay in America Volume 2, on the Marvel homepage, and in various articles spotlighting cosplayers to watch.

This bio by Talynn Kel originally appeared on The Establishment, an independent multimedia site founded and run by women.

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