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Why a "Blerd" Con?

The world of geekdom has been burgeoning for decades. It is no longer a small universe wherein only handful of nerds exist. Geekdom has grown to become more universal – whether you’re into anime, comic books, sci-fi, gaming or cosplay, there’s a con out there for you.

Despite the rapid growth of the nerd universe, however, conventions have failed to proportionately represent the expansive minority nerd audience. Fans of all backgrounds and cultures are embracing their inner nerd. This includes POC (Black, Asian, Latino, etc.), women, disabled, LGBTQ and many more types of nerds across the globe. This is where BlerDCon comes in.

For those who don’t know, “Blerd” is an acronym for Black nerd; this has become a phrase embraced by minority nerds of all backgrounds, no matter what their skin color. The word blerd has evolved to become a symbol of unity for all nerds; BlerDCon is a team of lifetime geeks that has rallied around this concept to create a con for all.

What we do

BlerDCon will be the first nerd convention to ever be truly universal. We’re structured to cater to minority nerds in all genres. To ensure that the inclusive experience we offer has something for you, we’re a full-service con with a traditional structure that includes:

  • Panels
  • Celebrity Guests
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Gaming Tournaments
  • Cosplay Contests
  • Cosplay Guests
  • Music and Dance
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Exclusively Inclusive

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    Incredible Venue

    Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport

    2799 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington

    Experience BlerDCon at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport, a 50,000+ sq. ft. space for the Presentations, Panels, Gaming, Cosplay, etc. you love!

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    Tickets for BlerDCon are ONLY $45! Getting a room right in the con won’t be a hassle either. We negotiated with the hotel to get you rooms a just $109 per night

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    Made for you

    We expect to have 3,000-4,000 fans of all ages and backgrounds attending BlerDCon. This includes everyone from teenage geeks to old-school nerds – including you!

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    Amazing Events

    BlerDCon wouldn’t be great without the fans. This includes the wonderful exhibitors and special guests that we’ll be bringing to the convention.

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Featured Guests and Content

  • Women Guests

    While women account for over half of the con community, they don’t get as many opportunities to participate in panels and presentations as their male counterparts. BlerDCon is breaking the mold by hosting panels that focus on women’s issues in geekdom. We’ll have several leading ladies in gaming, comic books, sci-fi, cosplay and anime leading these discussions.

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  • Guests of Color

    The POC nerd population is exploding; the gaming, movie, comic book and anime industries are struggling to develop and showcase characters and geek leaders who represent this base. We’ll be showcasing some of the top black and brown cosplayers, industry movers, creators and celebrities. You’ll also get a chance to have candid discussions about minority issues in the geek community.

    Click Here to Meet Our POC Guests
  • LGBTQ Guests

    Nerd representation for the LGBTQ community is lacking across the board. This isn’t because amazing LGBTQ cosplayers, creators and performers don’t exist. It’s because they simply don’t get the same opportunities as everyone else. As a universally inclusive fan convention, BlerDCon has ensured that you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best of what LGBTQ geekdom has to offer!

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  • Disabled Guests

    Nerds with disabilities are ignored way too often. Not only do they deserve to enjoy the nerd universe at the same level as anyone else, but they’ve proven that they are leading contributors to geek culture. This is proven by the incredible guests with disabilities that we’ll be showcasing this year at BlerDCon 2017!

    Click Here to Meet Our Disabled Guests
  • International Guests

    Geekdom is truly universal. It not only includes fans of all colors, shapes and sizes, but also fans in different countries across the globe. The BlerDCon team has been working directly with various embassies and consulates in DC to help bring you some amazing international guests.

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  • Blerd? What's that? ac-arrow
    • “Blerd” is shorthand for “black nerd”, but is often used as a self-descriptive term for people of all colors within the minority community of geeks. While blerd is the organizing principle of this con, we are expanding its meaning to encompass the far corners of diversity that represent the growth population for all that we love about nerd-dom.

      While the term “BLERD” derives directly from “Black Nerd”, the con will have a scope reaching into all underrepresented populations in nerd-dom.

  • Where's blerDCon going to be held? ac-arrow
    • Right next to Washington, DC. The con will be located at The Hyatt Crystal City in Alexandria Virginia. This convenient location makes it easy to access from the airport (3 miles away), bus train or car.

      You’ll get access to the entirety of its 50,000+ sq. ft. space throughout the con.

      We’ve got room blocks for just $109 per night! BOOK YOUR ROOM BEFORE THEY’RE SOLD OUT!

  • Buying Tickets and Passes Online ac-arrow
  • outreach ac-arrow
    • Meet the BlerDCon team before the big event happens in June!

      We have a full promotional schedule that will have representatives exhibiting at all the major conventions on the east coast for the 2016-2017 con schedule beginning July 4th 2016. For partners, sponsors and vendors, that is double the exposure and pre-advertising opportunity of any con in its inaugural year.

      Scheduled conventions to exhibit:

      Otakcon 2016, New York City Comic Con 2016, Baltimore Comic Con 2016, Kastucon 2016, MAGFest 2017, PAX East 2017, Megacon 2017, MomoCon 2017